Truth Seeker

UCAN sharing: Truth seeker

Scripture: John 14:6

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Jn 8:32

On the label of every cigarette package is a warning indicating that smoking is harmful and causes cancer. When a person buys the package they must already know this truth but ignore it. They have learned to disregard the truth. Man has a powerful way of  disregarding or distorting the truth. Being selective about how we receive truth. We think we have everything under control and so we can deal with the consequences. We don’t believe it is going to affect us; we believe we are the exception and that no harm will come to us. Daily many have unprotected sex with people they hardly know. Putting aside the moral issues the physical and mental potential consequences can be life altering. Disease, unwanted pregnancy and emotional baggage that come from a promiscuous life point to a truth that something is amiss here. Yet man continues to promote lifestyles that go against this truth. When the truth is freely interpreted by man then it is no longer truth but rather lies that bind us in sin. Jesus Christ’s work on the cross has set us free from all the lies of the world. He is the truth man so desperately needs. But to gain the benefits of

God’s truth one must have a deep desire to seek truth no matter what the cost. No matter what change is needed or how ugly we are when convicted if we want to be free of worldly lies we have to want Jesus.

If you question a person who desires something and you inform them of the negative consequences of making that choice what often happens next is amazing. The person will work reasoning around the information given. They will develop the most detailed and elaborate reasons why that information doesn’t relate to them. Take for example a young child that wishes to eat to cookies before lunch. We all know that if we eat cookies it will kill our appetite and this is not healthy. But even sharing this information with the child you will find the child is able to put together the most wonderful reasons why they should be excluded and allowed to eat cookies. Mothers will still say no but a disobedient child will sneak them anyway. This innocent example shows how predisposed we are to ignoring the reality of truth and pursuing our lustful desires. Stop and consider some of your own mistakes as an adult and see if this pattern of behavior doesn’t fit. Most likely someone warned you that doing this or that will get you in trouble but you choose to be willful and ignore the truth. So the old expression that “We see and hear only what we want.” is true.


Do not be deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows that he will also reap. Gal 6:7

A result of man’s disregard for truth is that lies multiply and are received as being the truth. Now for a truth to be truth it must be complete. Partial truth is just a lie. If a person has 9/10 th of the story but leaves out a part the story is a lie. A truth, especially God’s truth must be in its entirety. No part can be missing. The parts included maybe true but without the whole picture no one can say what the truth is. Take for example, a rumor is spread that Sally uses drugs because people have seen her with needles and she often

excuses herself to go off alone. People are quick to judge based on some true information. But when we dig a little deeper we find that Sally has diabetes and has become insulin dependent so that she needs to give herself injections. Because we have only part of the truth we will arrive at a lie. This is how man arrives at most of the truths we are told.

A result of grabbing partial truth is that we live in a world of lies. Many of us are deceived and we are not even aware of it. Today most of society is blinded by satan and his cunning lies. He takes our desire to ignore truth and throws in his carefully made lies that seem right. For the Christian this is the ultimate weapon he uses against us. If he can get us to believe his lie he has access to us and can feed us more lies that bind us up. Before long we are lost in sin as much as the rest of the world. Sadly many lack the

willingness to face their sin and allow Jesus to set them free so they remain in bondage. The bible encourages us to keep believing in Jesus and walking in the righteousness he gives us. Many others before us had the same battle of trying to find and live the truth so we too can do it but it requires from us and this seems to be the place where many stop trying. Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race set before us. Heb. 12:1

What is that race set before us? It is to be children of truth like Jesus. At no time did Jesus compromise or indulge. He walked before God completely in the truth and that is why He says “I am the truth…” because as the Lamb of God only Jesus was perfect and could do so but this is not for us to have license to do what we want. Jesus’ work on the cross was for us to have the opportunity to be joined to God again. But God like Jesus is always in truth, there is never any deception or lie in Him. If we long to really be with God then we too have to be in truth. This for man is a difficult thing as it goes against our carnal nature so that nature must go.

When we truly give our lives to Christ we stop being the person we were and begin living for Christ. The Spirit of God comes in us and empowers us to live right before God. We are a completely new person who can obey and love God (2 Cor. 5:16-17). The only hindrance to walking out this new life is our will. God never forces a person to obey so we can receive the Spirit but not allow the Spirit to lead us. When we lead our own lives we struggle to hear God because we are carnal. Our sin has separated us from God’s

presence (Isa. 59:2). To really be free in Christ is not something we do but rather something we believe in. We receive it by faith as a gift of God. We believe that Jesus is the source of all our life and we must be with him get and keep that life so we should want to pursue him at all cost. Paul said that he considered all his earthly successes trash in comparison to knowing Jesus (Phil. 3:8). We need to truly want to be with Jesus because we see His love and the life in him.

Jesus is truth and the Holy Spirit in us guides us in all truth so that we can submit and obey walking with Jesus in this life free (Jn 14:16-17). But this will only happen if we genuinely want the God’s truth. We must be willing to learn to hear the Holy Spirit and receive revelation of our sin and repent. But if we love the world this will not happen. This can be challenging and uncomfortable so many Christians choose to avoid it. We don’t want to really know the root of our sins because we must then face them and repent. Many will choose to ignore the conviction and do works to try to make themselves feel right but only repentance takes away our sin. When we avoid repentance we are resisting God and choosing our way over His. This is why it is so important we remain humble and hungry to be with Jesus, experiencing His love daily.

As God is truth we too must learn to love truth and seek it with all we are. This means doing what is necessary like putting aside things we enjoy or doing things we are not comfortable with. As we learn to listen to God’s voice and obediently follow Him we will become lovers of truth and the lies of this world will be revealed and we will not want to take part in them. This is just one more way God brings us closer to being holy.


If you are not sure you are being deceived take a look at the fruits of your life. If you are consistently baring the fruits of the Spirit then God is working in you. But if you find that you have fruits of the flesh then the flesh is leading (See Gal. 5:16-24). Repent of living in the flesh/carnal nature. Ask God to help you see how and where you are being received. As the Holy Spirit gives revelation and brings conviction repent of that sin. As you do you will experience the joy of God and draw closer to Him. This is a lifelong process so we need to be careful not to become legalistic or resistant to God’s leading. Also we must diligent in doing this and not let the world and its ways fill us. If we are not spending more time with Christ than the world we will use our own reasoning to determine truth but as shown above it is always flawed. Only when we surrender all and trust God to reveal truth through his Spirit and word can we really be free (Jn 8:36).

Choose today that you will be a truth seeker. When you do you will find Jesus.

Note: if you need additional help with dealing with deception in your life then I recommend the book “The Gilted Prison” by Ps Hedgecock.