Sharing on Loss


UCAN sharing: Loss
Scripture: Ps. 32:1-5

23  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom. 6:23
Sin: any thought, word or deed that is contrary to the perfect will of God.

When we put money in the bank we assume that it is safe. We believe that when we go to get it there it
will be. If we find out that someone has access to our money and has been taking it we would be very
upset. Most likely we would immediately call the bank and try to stop the loss. In the natural this makes
sense; we are being robbed and no one wants to be robbed. You can’t get it back if it is stolen and we
know this so we respond quickly and with determination. Sin no matter how small we may think it is steals

from us. It robs us of many things that God has made available to us. Yet often we only act when we feel
sorry for what we’ve done. We don’t truly see that cost of sinning or how harmful it is so our response is
weak. We tolerate loss to sin because we enjoy our sin. If we are to be with God we must change how we
see sin and really want to be free of it. God provides the way but we must cooperate. We must yield to the
leading of the Holy Spirit and embrace conviction and repentance only in this can we move toward

Everyone knows when they do wrong. We have a conscience to tell us when we are wrong. Think about a
child stealing candy how they know it is wrong to steal yet they do it anyway for the pleasure of having the
candy. Simplistic yes but us none the less. In much of the wrongs we do we ignore or justify them because
we want the gain. We are willing to ignore the consequences for the idea of gaining the fruit of sin. But
ignoring something doesn’t change the impact it has on us. When we fail to see the true impact sin has on
lives we allow it to remain with us. This means we are in the flesh and this is contrary to God (Gal 5:17).

Due to what we think we have separated ourselves from God. God sees sin as sin it has no size or level. He
is aware of how destructive it is so He wants to rid us of it. If you knew for sure that eat something was
poisoning you would you continue? Strangely some would. They would ignore the truth for what they want
to believe. This is why people smoke, drink and do drugs despite most knowing it is harmful. What is
lacking here is a true perspective of how harmful any sin is. If we could see all the damage it does and how
it destroys we would not be so tolerant of it.

David understood the consequences of sin. He writes in Ps. 32:1-4 that a person is given favor by God
when they are forgiven but when they are not their life drains away and we labor under a heavy load. All of
us can relate to this as we have all had times when we failed to be attentive to our sin condition and
allowed sin to dwell in us. David continues by saying that the life he was leading was not of any quality
because he was getting weaker and weaker. Why? God resists us when we are in sin. He knows how
harmful sin is and he presses against us to help us see the nature of how we are living. He knows that if we
remain in sin the consequences will be severe even eternal so he allows our lives to be full of trials so that
we are tried and overcome. This to some seems mean and inappropriate but God is showing how much he
loves us by making us aware of how sinful we are. Many Christians don’t like this and the conviction that is
necessary for repentance but without the eyes of our soul seeing how hopeless we are we won’t really
open ourselves up to receive repentance.

David goes on in verse five to show that when we turned to God and acknowledge his and don’t try to
make an excuse for it but just come before God and confessed it, accepting responsibility for what was
done, then God releases forgiveness. 1 Jn. 1:9 says the same thing that as we turn to God and confess our
sin He is just and faithful to cleanse us of all unrighteousness. This means that no matter how horrible we
may be if we turn to God to gain forgiveness with an open heart he will forgive. This is just the beginning
though of being free of sin.


Confession alone is not enough to free us from sin. Confession can be used to simply make us feel better
about the wrong we did without dealing with it. We are forgiven and cleansed but the root of the sin
remains. We have access to God’s presence and in His presence we are at peace and have communion with
Him. Through the Holy Spirit we can learn what the root of the sin is and allow God to lead us to repent of
it. Once true repentance happens we won’t sin that way anymore. The lie we believe is broken and we are
freed by the truth of God that now fills us.

For all this to happen we must have a heart that wants to be holy. Only God can make us holy since there is
no holiness in man. But God has said that it is His will that we be holy (1 Thess. 4:3) so we can take hope
that if we trust God he will work in our lives to get us there. So we have to decide if we want to have the
heart that is willing to be free of sin. Certain things help bring about this heart.
First we must see sin for what it is. God sees sin like spiritual cancer. If left unrepented of it will spread and
kill. God is serious about sin so we too need to adopt the same attitude. God emphasizes the need to deal
with sin and not take it likely. In Matt. 18:8-9 the wording is graphic and meant to stir us to see how God
feels about sin. We are not to go out hand or eye less but rather to understand that we need to have no
tolerance for sin in our lives. Too many Christians are lenient towards themselves when it comes to their
own sins. This opens us to the flesh controlling us and satan having access. Satan will bind us up in chains
and prisons we can’t see if we allow him to.

9 A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Gal. 5:9
Sin no matter how little to us destroys. How? It brings on us fruits of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21). Sin is when
we live by our own way and our own way is corrupted so that nothing good can come of it. Stop and ask
God if you believe this. Ask Him to show you your attitude towards sin. Sin also separates us from God Isa.59:2. When we are in sin we are our own lord and while God’s love remains His presence is not with us.
This is our choice because Jesus paid for us to be with God.

Another change we must pursue is to accept our inability to deal with sin. Christians are great at working
to be right with God. Sin can be dealt with by doing good works. Correct? Wrong, absolutely wrong. There
is nothing we can do to make our sinful position correct. If this was possible then Jesus died for nothing.
Jesus had to die because only in this way could sin be dealt with. We must come to accept that forgiveness
is a gift of grace. We only receive it because God loves us.

Lastly we want to capture the vision of life God has for us. We live in a horribly sinful world. One in which
evil is no longer evil. This allows all kinds of harmful behaviors to flourish in our societies. We can see the
results daily. But God has called all who truly love him and want to be with Him to become holy. In this way
we can be with Him forever. This means we change from being temporal to eternal beings, from corrupt to
holy, from lost to found and so much more. We are able to be with God all the time and have a deep and
intimate relationship with him. This is why we were created. So we need seek God with all we are not for
the benefits but to love Him and be with him. We should long to spend time with him and want to change
so that we can remain in Him. It is all about love in the end. Repentance serves to get us there but we must
be willing to go through the process no matter how unpleasant.

If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land; Isa 1:19
Today sit down and ask yourself if you want to be free of sin. Do you have a heart for it and are willing to
fight? God wants it for you do you? Ask the Lord to show you your sins and ask Him to forgive you of all the
time you have lived loving sin. Humble yourself and let Him begin making you His own. Keep your eye on
the outcome while constantly checking your heart to ensure you are tender to His touch.